The farm Nagtegaalsfontein, on which the beautiful Pink Hill Karoo was built, was registered in 1836. From sheep to ostrich farming, cultivating tomatoes in still-visible fields, and even a South African War battle, the farm has changed little shape and function over the decades. 

During the Battle of Pink Hill fought on the farm in 1900, an estimated 1 000 horses and their riders were stationed on the farm. Traces of their presence can still be seen on the piece of land where the house was built if you look at the vegetation where open patches and “steekgras” are visible. 

The farm’s history dates back even further. The primitive stone tools found near the house speak of the settlement of bushmen here more than 2 000 years ago.

The house was named after the koppie or small mountain - Pink Hill.

When you sit on the stoep, you get uninterrupted views of this small mountain with its pink tinge. 

The exterior and stoep of the home were built with stone sourced on the farm. It has been designed to fuse beautifully and perfectly with the natural environment: grassy plains, a natural fountain, perennial stream, limitless skies, clean air, and wide-open spaces.

The interior is minimalistic yet elegant. It is perfect for the discerning traveller who appreciates the beauty of simplicity.